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Sandy Camacho


Sandy Camacho has been supporting our local community since 1999.  Sandy has always been very focused in helping women succeed.  She has participated in many outreach and support programs such as “Back to School Backpacks Program” a program that supports low-income children and she has also supported “Mujeres Exitosas” (Successful Woman), a woman empowerment program where Sandy served an integral part.

Sandy currently works for the County of Santa Clara where she is an Eligibility Worker III. She has a very instilled discipline and enjoys helping others.  Her work for the County of Santa Clara has often been praised.  She has a wide range of people’s skills and always strives for excellence.   

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Nancy Mendoza


Nancy Mendoza is the owner of Nancy’s Interiors.  Nancy loves working with people and very much enjoys her work because she truly gets to build great relationships that are long lasting.  Her clients often are repeat clients because she is so attentive to detail.  Her fun style and spirit shines through in her work.  Her projects have included work for and in support of women-based organizations.

Her love of people and her community reflects on the many hours she volunteers to support struggling businesses in filling out grant applications as wells as advocating for businesses at risk of displacement. Through her work and dedication, she has been able to collaborate on different programs offered by Latino Business Foundation Silicon Valley such as Women in Power, Single Moms Business Owners Program, and most recently in the “Save La Pulga” (Save the Flea market) effort.    

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Valeria Camacho


Valeria Camacho has been a successful business owner since 2001.  She is the current owner of Clinicas De Belleza Armando Romo.  She inherited the business from her late uncle Armando Romo whom she was very close to.  Valeria’s uncle Armando Romo was famously known for his avant-garde hair styles and makeup fashions. 

He was a regular hairstylist of the elite crowd in Mexico and on many occasions worked with many TV and musical figures throughout Mexico and in the U.S.  Valeria has continued the legacy of her late uncle.

She has continuously kept up with the business and as usual keeping herself up to date with all the trends.  Her involvement in the community has been of great impact.  She has participated in various beauty and pageant panels where her skills have been showcased.  Valeria has broad knowledge in the very diverse beauty industry, and she is an advocate for her business community.  She has helped hundreds of people with training and skill building and in return many of them are now successful business owners themselves.         


Jesús Flores



Angélica Flores


Angelica has always advocated for her community, and it has showed in so many aspects of her business.  She is owner of Flores Professional Services which strives to makes clients a high priority.

In 1998 when the downtown buildings were being retrofitted Angelica joined her husband Jesus and she was able to assist more than seventy five downtown businesses that were being at risk of displacement.  This advocacy in return provided many success stories in which businesses benefited in receiving relocation assistance.

Also in 1999 when there was a tremendous demand for representation and assistance to local families and beneficiaries of Immigration Enactment for law 245i, Angelica provided low cost immigration paperwork filing assistance and through her work helped hundreds of families adjust their status.      


Her perseverance for putting people in a better position continued as she encouraged and funded programs such as “Back to School Backpacks” giving away backpacks to children in low income communities.  In 2004 Angelica also created and funded the program “Mujeres Exitosas” (Successful Woman), in which she, along with a great group of volunteers, were able to assist under privileged women with self- improvement workshops on education, building skills, domestic violence awareness, and self-confidence building.


One of Angelica’s highlight success stories was when her work with DACA recipients was highlighted in August 2012 when the program came into effect.  It was such a success that in fact her support for young adults was recognized by local tv stations for having the very first approved DACA case in the state of CA.  Through her work with DACA she was able to assist over one thousand DACA alone recipients obtain DACA status all at a very low or/ no cost.

Angelica Flores continues to assist our local community in different ways and enjoys it very much.     

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