Our mission at the Latino Business Foundation Silicon Valley is to provide empowering resources to existing and future leaders in the business community through long-lasting learning and support. The Foundation’s plan of action stirs the entrepreneurial spirit, support business growth, strengthen local associations and advance leadership.

Jesus Flores President & CEO LBFSV 7


The Latino Business Foundation of Silicon Valley through training, education, team building, organization and communication will enable organic small businesses, those thousands of very small businesses created in neighborhoods by neighborhood families and employing neighborhood residents, to survive and thrive as rapid, upscale development in San Jose gravely threatens these businesses that give the city its character and employ residents who do not have a technological education.

Jesus Flores President & CEO LBFSV 6
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We used to conduct paper surveys to collect data in rural areas with limited internet connectivity. Thanks to QuestionPro's offline mobile app, collecting offline data is a piece of cake now, especially when you don't have to deal with paperwork anymore..

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