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Business Incubator Program

Welcome to the forefront of entrepreneurial innovation.
Our Business Incubator Program combines service, innovation, and technology to disrupt traditional business models and create significant value for our customers.

Incubator Objective

Our program is designed to:

  1. Support the creation and development of new businesses

  2. Minimize the risk of failure in project launch

  3. Encourage projects to adopt disruptive strategies

  4. Promote economic growth in our region by strengthening local businesses


How it Works

Prerequisite: Enrolling in our "BUSINESS MANAGEMENT FOR SMALL BUSINESS" course.

Entrepreneurs will experience a structured journey through three phases:



1. Enroll in our business management course

2. Complete the course and graduate

3. Interview with our consultants to refine your business idea
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1. Marketing: Craft compelling strategies to reach your audience

2. Operations: Streamline your processes for maximum efficiency

3. Human Resources: Build a strong team

4. Finance: Secure your financial foundations

5. Legal framework: Navigate the complexities of business law

6. Approve your business plan with the help of our experts
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1. Connect with institutions and key agents within the entrepreneurial ecosystem to further your business growth
Join us at Latino Business Foundation Silicon Valley to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way, from initial concept to market entry and beyond.
For Latino Business Academy graduates interested in our incubation program, please contact us directly at 408-618-8505.
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