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LBFSV provides a full suite of business support offering to immigrant entrepreneurs in San José. These businesses are declining at an alarming rate as regional costs continue to rise compounded with the impacts of a protracted pandemic; and as they succumb, the character and vitality of the city diminishes. Alongside small business owners, LBFSV believes in fighting for a city with character; a city that is defined by neighborhood small businesses employing neighborhood residents. From eviction support through the Small Business Assistance Hotline to dynamic online training through the Latino Business Academy, LBFSV's programs are integral to the survival of immigrant businesses in San José.


Woman in Power Initiative

Women in Power Initiative aims to support, empower, and provide a space for women to grow personally and professionally, fostering entrepreneurship and integrating all aspects related to the diverse roles and challenges that women face in realizing their endeavors.

Flagship Programs

Latino Business Academy

Latino Business Academy has teamed up with Santa Clara University and other partners to offer a dynamic online training program specifically designed to empower and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious business leaders.


Upon completion of the Business Academy, the incubator is an intensive program which helps participants to develop a business plan and identify their specific needs.  Participants attend workshops and have access to tailored one-on-one coaching that cover topics such as accounting, permits or legal structures.

Business Incubator

Industry Business Councils

The Business Councils serve as an avenue for industry leaders to collaboratively design solutions tailored to their unique challenges. Current sectors include Beauty, Early Childcare, and Restaurants.

Entrepreneur Resources

Online Small Business 
Resource Center

Visit our small business support platform!
A Bilingual guide for entrepreneurs which provides a comprehensive map of all the small business resources available to them. This virtual space is a user-friendly and accessible platform for immigrant entrepreneurs to find the exact services or resources that they need based on the situation they are facing.

Small Business
Assistance Hotline

Do you have rental problems on your commercial property, possible eviction, or need help understanding your rental agreement?
We are here to help!

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