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Woman in Power Initiative

This initiative provides training programs for entrepreneurial women
Women in Power is an LBFSV initiative that focuses on women entrepreneurs and the unique challenges they face. Our mandate within this initiative is to work cross-sectionally across our programming in order to support, empower, and resource women. Our two flagship programs within this initiative are: the Single Mothers Entrepreneur Program and Mujeres Imparables. Both programs engage with local women and immigrant entrepreneurs to provide training, upskilling, holistic programs, and peer support for women-led households most vulnerable to economic shocks. By both increasing their business skills and organizing the participants into cohesive peer support groups, LBFSV seeks to support women in increasing their prospects of long-lasting success, learning, and support.

Get to know our Woman in Power programs:


Mujeres Imparables

Are you continuously striving for improving your knowledge as an entrepreneur?

Single Mother Entrepreneurs

Do you want to keep transforming your motherhood while you work on your entrepreneurial achievements?

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